Take Control of your Mind, Body, Skin, and Bladder!

Do you want More Energy, Smaller Waistline, Loss of Fat, and to look and feel amazing? Do you want to gain optimal health with a Holistic approach? Have you delivered a baby within the last 5 years? If so, this workshop would be for YOU! Example: you laugh and you PEE or pee when you run? Take control of your mind, body, and bladder!Feel balanced through Self-Care.

Who would enjoy this event?
Ladies age 20-45 years old that are wanting more education and guidance with getting back on track!

What to wear?
Comfortable clothes that you can breathe and move freely in.

What you can expect?
Improve core recovery health through breath, abdominal, and pelvic health exercizes. Tips for Glowing and Vibrant Skin, Personalized Skincare Plan.

Choose (1) Between:
Collagen Stimulating LED Light Therapy, Chakra Balance Mat with Visual and Audio Brain Entrainment through Roxiva, a Neuroloist Designed Meditation Technology, or a
Chair Massage

Live Demonstrations:
Active Guided Exercies for Core, Pelvic Floor, and Breath Work. Hungarian Face-Lift Massage, and How to Exercise your Facial Muscles at Home.

Hostess: $299.00/per person (Please call the spa to register ahead or use a payment link provided by us).

Limited to 10 participants
Age Range: 20-45

When: November 8th at 5:30pm-8pm
Location: Purely You Spa’s North Location
Address: 7935 Aiport Pulling Road Naples, FL 34109

Hosted by: Jennifer Alvarez Linguidi, Functional Health Esthetician and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Gaynell Anderson, DPT, OMPT, CHC