Spa Packages & Specials

Indulge yourself in a spa experience designed to revitalize your mind, body, and soul. Our spa packages are customized especially for you. Combine a massage with a facial, body treatment, or other specialty services for the ultimate day of health, wellness, and relaxation.

Monthly Specials

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Expires: September 2024

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Whether you just want to try it or wheher you are thinking you are ALL IN…you are welcome to enjoy our promotion.

  • Reduce Stress
  • Anti-Aging Benefits
  • Boost Immune System
  • Increase Energy
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Spa Packages

The packages below are are year-round promotions and may not be combined with any other specials or packages.
Relaxed Beauty
Price: $399/2.5 Hours

Package Details

The Organic Relaxation and Beauty Treatment includes Integrative Massage, Signature Facial including head, neck, and scalp massage, Luscious Lip Treatment, Anti-aging Eye Infusion and Aromatherapy. Also includes the Infrared Sauna if this package is purchased after 4/30/24.

Mother Earth
Price: $399.00/2.5 Hours

Package Details

The Mother Earth package includes Motherhood Massage, Biodynamic Facial- ultra-pure facial, and Honey Foot Treatment

Biohacking Day
Price: $599/3-4 Hours

Package Details

Enjoy the Cold Plunge, Infrared Sauna with Chromotherapy, NanoVi Exo Pro, Bemer Circulation Therapy or Chakra Balance Mat, Power Plate, Red LED Light Therapy, Brain Entrainment Meditation

Gentleman’s Dream
Price: $399/2.5 Hours

Package Details

The Gentleman’s Dream package includes Skin Strengthening Facial, Indian Head Treatment, Neck and Scalp Treatment, Deep Tissue Massage, and Deep Blue Rub Added.  Also includes the infrared sauna with chromotherapy.

Tropical Rainforest Escape
Price: $399/2 Hours

Package Details

The Tropical Rainforest Escape package includes Rainforest Stone Massage, Organic Foot Scrub Exfoliation, and Egyptian Reflexology

Splash into Great Health
Price: $50 (1st Time), Let’s Try This: $499 (10), Let’s Do This: $675 (15), ALL IN: $1,200 (30), My thing: $1,500 (50)

Package Details

Choice of Bemer Circulation Therapy, The Cold Plunge, The Infrared Sauna plus Chromotherapy.  Each (1) counts as (1).  These packages are available 4/29/24- 9/30/24

Advanced Therapy
Price: $700/2 Hours

Package Details

Are you unsure of what you need? Are you feeling lethargic or do you have pain? If so, this session will be just what you need.  Enjoy a session with our Functional Health Coach that is also an intuitive massage therapist and full specialist in skin care.

Fountain of Youth Experience
Price: $525/2 Hours (Valued at $695)

Package Details

The Fountain of Youth Experience package includes Advanced Treatments; Oxygenating Facial, Head, Neck, Scalp Massage, Hand and Arm Massage, Enzyme Peel, LED Light Therapy, Dermaplaning, Hungarian Face-Lift Massage, Anti-aging Eye Infusion, Luscious Lip Treatment, Bio-Mat Therapy

Glow with Glo2Facial Deluxe Experience
Price: $670.00/ (120 min)

Package Details

Smooth your skin b removing your dead skin cells and unwanted facial hair with dermaplaning the ultimate way to detox the skin and allow nutrients to penetrate deeper! Increase elasticity and reduce lines while strengthening your capillaries and improve hydration. Experience a collagen stimulating massage that helps to boost collagen, calm puffiness, and reduce dark circles under the eyes. Enjoy a Hungarian face lift massage to firm tissues, stimulate collagen and elastin naturally. Receive a luscious lip treatment to exfoliate and hydrate to help reduce fine line and wrinkles, this is a mini facial for the lips! The perfect essential oil is customized for you depending on how you are feeling and how you want to feel. Bio mat therapy will increase circulation, oxygen, and blood flow throughout the entire body.

Purely You Spa Zen Experience
Price: $799/5 Hours

Package Details

The Purely You Spa Zen Experience package includes Aromatherapy Relaxation, Signature Organic Facial, Seasonal Organic Body Scrub, Integrative Extended Massage, Bio-Mat Relaxation Mat Therapy, Bemer Mat Circulation Therapy, infrared sauna plus chromotherapy.

Bestie’s Ultra Amazing Spa Day
Price: $2,500.00

Package Details

Energize your skin care ritual and prepare to glow from the inside out with a completely transformative experience. Stimulate your senses and reveal the look of balanced, energized and glowing skin. Experience the Charcoal exfoliating cleanser with a splash of organic lemon to zestfully invigorate your skin then stimulate your blood flow with the exclusive and luxurious Tumeric Energizing Treatment with citrine gemstones and zeolite, this spicy golden powder awakens the skin. This treatment turns in to a fluffy mousse bursting with energy. Embrace the warm, exfoliating sensation and reveal silky, luminous skin. Indulge yourself with a Hungarian Face-lift Massage with a customized Vitamin C serum plus the silky smooth moisturizer filled with a luxurious camellia oil, pink tourmaline gemstones and marula oil to soften and deeply hydrate the skin. Enjoy how we reveal your healthiest glow. Enjoy a complimentary lip and eye infusion treatment along with a surprise gift to take home! Indulge in the cold plunge, infrared sauna plus chromotherapy, led light therapy, bemer, chakra, brain entrainment meditation, and the nanovi exo pro. Includes lunch and tea.

Please Note: Additional spa therapies may be added for an additional fee per your request. The above is not redeemable for cash and may not be combined with any additional specials or incentives.
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Group Packages

Don’t Forget About Our VIP Group Event Discounts!
If you are interested in booking a spa demonstration or workshops on a variety of topics such as Anti-Aging, Nutrition and Organic Foods, LED Light Therapy, Make-up Application, and more.
Below you will find our newest creation to celebrate any special occasion. To reserve your exclusive Anti-aging, Antioxidant Afternoon Tea Party contact the Spa Concierge today!
Bridal Packages
We offer a wide variety of bridal packages that can be customized to meet the special bride’s requests. If the bride can dream it we can typically make it happen! We can offer a day at the Spa for the bride, Bride, and Mother treatments, as well as the bridal party! In addition, we have wonderful Airbrush Make-Up specials which are perfect for brides and bridesmaids as it is sweatproof, waterproof, and lasts 18 hours!
For these unique packages, please speak with our Spa Coordinators so that we can understand exactly what your needs are. We enjoy exceeding your expectations and creating lasting memories.
  • Reduce Stress
  • Anti-Aging Benefits
  • Boost Immune System
  • Increase Energy
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Couples Packages

There are several times a year that couples may want to escape together. Anniversaries, Birthdays, and Valentine’s Day seem to be the times where couples really want to spend time together and escape the outside world. Whether it is a relaxing evening on our Skyside patio or a couples massage experience we can make your experience memorable.
Couples Custom Massage
Price: $299.00/(50 min) | $390.00/(80 min)

More Details

This massage is customized and can be light to deep pressure. A variety of techniques are used for relaxation and to achieve your desired result. This massage is performed in our lovely escape room. If you would like our outside couples massage please see the Deluxe Couples Experience. Couples, friends, or family may enjoy this experience together.

Deluxe Couples Massage Experience
Price: $495.00/(90 min)

More Details

Enjoy the exclusive romantic ambiance adorned with flowers, chocolate, and other organic delights. Escape into bliss as you receive a unique customized massage using everything we know that is designed to relax you and the one you love. Our professional 5-star staff cater to your every need and we spare no expense when it comes to your comfort and care. Please call our Spa Concierge for more details and to design a dream day for you and that special someone. This is truly an unforgettable experience that captures the very best of everything possible at Purely You Spa; it is above and beyond for our valued Members and guests. Please reserve this special experience at least 3 days in advance and for special holidays or Valentine’s Day we recommend at least 1 week in advance.

Sweet Relaxation Lavender Infused Couples Massage w/ Chocolate Back & Foot Scrub
Price: $465.00/(80 minutes)

More Details

Lavender Infused Couples Massage with hydrotherapy that may be light, medium, or firm pressure. Also enjoy chocolate foot scrub within the experience.

Delight Your Senses Strawberry Rhubarb & Coconut Infused Couples Massage
Price: $465.00 (Includes both) for 80 minutes

More Details

Strawberry Rhubarb & Coconut Infused Couples Massage with Aromatherapy, a warm back and foot scrub included along with a chocolate treat for the road!

Holiday Couples Experience with Surprise Gifts
Price: $499 (includes both)| 80 minutes
Price: $599 (includes both)| 110 minutes

More Details

Personalized Card, Holiday Gift Basket of Goodies including Red or White Wine, Chocolate, Roses or a $25 spa credit for a different gift, and a customized Couples Massage with aromatherapy infusion and a sugar scrub exfoliation with warm towels on the feet.

Couples Ultimate Escape Facial and Massage
Price: $599 (Includes both): 120 minutes

More Details

Enjoy the relaxation lounge together prior to your treatment and experience diffused aromatherapy and circulation therapy. Following this treatment is the customized organic signature facial (50) min in separate rooms then meet at our Escape room for the customized couples massage that may be any pressure (60 min).