Gemstone Membership Options

We are no longer offering the Pure and Flexible Lifestyle Annual membership(s) to new customers. The Gemstone Membership is reclacing those membership options.
Emerald Membership: (24) Sessions: You may select from an Eminence Organic Facial, Integrative (Intuitive) Massage, or a Seasonal Organic Body Scrub. These sessions do roll over if not used on a monthly basis.

Includes: (24) Upgrades: Dermaplaning, Turbo Enzyme Peel, or Anti-aging RED LED Light Therapy, or Blue Acne LED Light Therapy, Pain Relief LED Light Therapy

Paid In Full: Emerald Membership: $6,699 (Value: $7,920 Savings: $1,221)
Monthly: Emerald Membership: $599.00/per month (Value: $7,920 Savings: $732.00)
Other Options...
Sapphire Membership: includes (12) Dermaplaning + booster Serum sessions. Dermaplaning is a temporary removal of dead skin and facial hair.
Sapphire Membership: $1,287 (Value: $1620.00 Savings: $477)
Pearl Membership- SKIN
Coming Soon: Pearl Membership: (12) Sessions: Enjoy a monthly Eminence Organic Facial plus select (1) Upgrade every month from this list: Dermaplaning, Turbo Enzyme Peel, or LED Light Therapy
Paid in Full: Pearl Membership: $3,687 (Value: $3,996.00 Savings: $309+)
3 Month Pearl Membership: $999 with option to continue at $299/per Month for the following 9 Months.


The Crystal Membership

This membership is best for someone who wants to transform their skin and have consistency in their self-care routine.  It is straight to the point and includes (1) advanced skincare session per month plus Dermaplaning.  The advanced skincare session takes 30-45 Minutes and would be (1) of these depending on which would be best for your skin: DermalInfusion, OR Hydrafacial, OR the Glo2Facial.  The Dermaplaning may be exchanged for LED Light Therapy if that is best for you.  Typically Dermaplaning takes 30 Minutes, but may take longer if you have more hair. Includes: (12) Advanced Skincare Sessions. Enjoy having one of our advanced skincare estheticians.
Crystal Membership: $4,887


The Diamond Concierge Membership

This membership is best for someone who  wants concierge access to self-care and knows that self-care is the NEW health-care. Prior to your initial appointment you will recieve a complete complimentary analysis as to what would be the best plan for you.  The session(s) are customized to work on your goals whether it is to maintain your skin and give you that healthy glow that radiates from the inside out or for reducing pain and inflammation and helping you stay on top of your game to improve and maintain your performance as well as helping you feel balanced in every area of your life.  To give you an idea of the range of services that you could enjoy: from the Diamond Glow Experience which includes Dermaplaning, DermalInfusion, LED Light Therapy, Hungarian Face-Lift Massage, Head, Neck, Scalp, Arm, and Hand Massage TO a Thermal Shock Therapy for Body Contouring, Firming, and Muscle Recovery.  Jennifer Alvarez Linguidi will be your direct contact and available to you for any of your skin, stress relief, massage, or functional health coaching needs.  You will have 1st access to scheduling with her.  There may be certain instances where you may need more or less therapy and your annual membership can be upgraded, at an additional fee, if over 2 hours per month is needed to conquer your health and wellness goals.
Other Options that may be added/customized:
Rapid Release or Percussion Therapy, or Frequency Therapy, Infrared Sauna with Chromotherapy, Brain Entrainment Medutation, NanoVi Exo Pro, Bemer PEMF Therapy, Chakra Balance Mat, or The Cold Plunge.
Diamond Skin Glow: From $8,500.00 (Advanced Skincare Only)
Diamond Health Glow: From $10,000.00 (Skin|Massage|Body|Functional Health)

**Direct Access to schedule with Jennifer Alvarez Lingudi, 17+ years of experience.