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Purely You Spa
3066 Tamiami Trail North
Suite 302
Naples, FL 34103
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Purely You Spa
Where it's all about YOU

Our Spa Services
Facial & Skin Care Services
Body Treatment Services
Massage Services
Nails, Makeup, & Tanning
Lifestyle: Yoga & More!
Description:Certified organic products are used and customized to achieve desired skin care goals for men and women.  Facial and skin care services have many benefits which include, but are not limited to reduce the visual effects of aging, reduce fine lines, reduce wrinkles, improve skin tone, improve texture, reduce redness, reduce sensitivity, reduce blemishes, reduce breakouts, increase facial circulation, and moisturize skin. 
Facial Services
Do you know your skin type?  If not, and you have skin care concerns...we can help!  Don't let time and gravity get the best of you because we can help turn back the hands of time.  Your skin care is a team effort and we will happily give you tips and recommendations to look and feel great now and in years to come!  If you have any of the skin concerns below, we can help:  Acne, Aging Skin, Brown Spots, Blemished Skin, Combination Skin, Dull Complexion, Dry Skin, Dry Scalp, Fine Lines, Hand Aging, Hyperpigmentation, Laugh Lines, Rosacea, Sensitive Skin, Some Scars, Uneven Skin Tone, Unwanted Hair, and Wrinkles.
Enhancement Facial Services
If you have never had a facial before or if you have areas that you would like EXTRA attention...a facial enhancement is recommended.  We have a variety of facial enhancements to target very specific concerns: Crows Feet, Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles, Dry Lips, Lip Wrinkles, Blackheads, and Milia (Whiteheads).  
Natural Facial Wax
We understand that everyone is NOT the same!  Skin type and hair type is very different from person to person. With that said, we have a unique natural low temperature wax that comes in many different forms.  Each person is assessed for their specific skin type and hair type to have a customized wax treatment.  For example, we will use a different wax for the face then we do for the body as the hair on the face is thin and hair on the body tends to be coarse.  We provide facial wax on the following areas: Chin, Brows, Lips, Nose, and the Full Face.  If you are interested in body waxing we also do that!

Description:Treatments for the body can detoxify, firm, smooth, lift, relax, tighten the skin, and aid in cellulite reduction all by incorporating the use of heat and clay, seaweed, herbal and botanical flower plant essences.  Body wraps are also very effective for arthritis, and rheumatism; plus it will leave the skin smooth and hydrated. 
Certified Organic Body Treatments

When was the last time that you exfoliated the skin on your body?  If you can't remember or if it has been quite some time don't worry that is normal!  You may want to consider one of our Body Scrubs.  There are many benefits which include detoxifying, nourishing dehydrated skin,  and smoothing skin.  Our certified organic products that we use range from blueberries to chocolate to pears and poppy seeds!  We also offer body wraps which tend to help with specific concerns like cellulite, some inch loss, and detox.  Results vary from person to person.  For best results we recommend a series of treatments.  When we perform these treatments it is important that we spend some time to get to know what your goals are before treatment and we will do this as a complimentary 15 minute one-two weeks prior to you scheduled body wrap treatment.

Natural Body Treatments

It is so important that we not only care for our body and skin externally, but that we also care for our insides! Approximately 75% of the body's immune cells reside in the digestive tract! We offer a vegetarian natural product that contains no added wheat, soy, yeast, gluten, starch, salt, preservatives or milk that may be included in your service or is available for purchase without a body scrub or body wrap.   

Customized Natural Wax
Our body wax is amazing and so will be your experience.  We ensure that we use the correct wax that will suit your skin and hair type the best.  Our wax is natural, hypoallergenic, and doesn't contain parabens!  Yes...we do not like chemicals at Purely You Spa.  We care about you and we ensure that we use the finest products that are available.  We have soft wax and hard wax ranging from Aloe Vera to Calendula to Honey to Lavender.  Yes, Lavender!  You name it and we surely have it...only the best for our clients. We provide a variety of waxing services: Feet, Half Leg, Full Leg, Thigh, Arms, Back, and Bikini.  We do not provide Brazilian waxing, sorry!

Description:We offer massage services from all over the world! From Eastern massage therapy to Western Massage Therapy.  Enjoy the ambiance in our Rainforest Escape room or our Asian Experience Room.  We offer couples massages as well in our beautiful Heavenly Couples Escape Room.  We look forward to pampering you and helping you escape the daily stressors of life.
Western Massage Therapy
These massages take place in the lovely "Rainforest" Treatment Room.
  • Chair Massage
  • Deep Tissue
  • Joint Mobilization and Range of Motion
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Neuro-Muscular-Technique
  • Prenatal Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Soft Tissue Release
  • Sports Massage
  • Hot Stone Therapy
  • Swedish Massage
  • Trigger Points
Pure Modern Massage
Purely You Spa has unique massage services available for couples, friends, and those that enjoy Spa'ing with others!  Some of the massages that we offer include:
  • Couples Massage
  • Chair Massage
  • Friends Together Massage
  • Mother and Me Massage
  • Father and Me Massage
  • Cousin and Me Massage
  • Corporate Massages
What is so great about our Spa is that we have a beautiful indoor and outdoor space specifically designated for the above treatments!   In addition, we will travel to your home or business and provide you, your loved ones, friends, or co-workers with an amazing massage shall you prefer not to travel to our Spa.
Eastern Massage Therapy
These treatments take place in the unique "Asian" Treatment Room.
  • Asian Acupressure Massage
  • Egyptian Reflexology
  • Aromatherapy Essentials Massage
Massage Enhancements
Massage enhancements assist with taking a massage to the next level. Whether you have pain or just want to relax this is an opportunity to exceed your expectations.

Description:We understand how good it makes most women feel to get their nails done on their hands and feet so we preparing to offer these services! We currently are researching the best natural and organic products available to offer nail services that are of the same quality as all of our other services.  In addition, we are adding make-up classes and instruction to our services list. Many times women don't wear make-up because they do not know how to apply it.  Many women don't know how to care for their skin before and after make-up application.  In our experience we have found that blemishes can be created from lack of brush sanitation and contamination of make-up.  We will be educating on those items and many more in the near future!  Stay tuned for our professional make-up application services for those special events like your prom, reunion, birthday, anniversary, holiday party, wedding, or photo shoot!

Purely You Spa has chosen to use the industry leade
Nail Services

Manicures and pedicures using only the finest ingredients are offered. †Everything is FREE of parabens (preservatives) and petrochemicals, substances responsible for dermatitis and allergies. †Our formulation is†100% vegetable raw materials from renewable sources that have received the ECOCERT seal and that are recognized internationally. †The active ingredients leave the skin feeling pleasently hydrated and also treats the nails. †With our manicures and pedicures the following benefits are achieved: antioxidant that prevents against skin aging. In addition, to the amazing product we offer a manicure and pedicure that is completely unique! †We invite you to experience the difference...

Natural Air Brush Tanning

All natural ingredients for a natural golden Florida glow!  Lasts up to 7 to 10 days.  The active ingredient DHA (dihydroxyacetone) has been FDA approved for cosmetic application for over 30 years.  Our products are hypo-allergenic for people with sensitive skin and are also endorsed by top dermatologists.

Makeup Services

We offer make-up classes and instruction as well as professional make-up application for any special occasion.


Lifestyle: Yoga & More... Coming Soon!

Personal Yoga Training
Personal Yoga is perfect for the novice up to advanced.