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How does the NEW NanoVi Technology help you?

Preventing and Reversing Cellular Damage is Now Possible with NanoVi® and we are thrilled to offer this state-of-the-art technology at Purely You Spa.

Cell damage is natural. The NanoVi® is designed to protect against it and repair damage once it has occurred. Nanovi Technology supports the natural process of protein folding. With the patented NanoVi process, specific electromagnetic energies are generated in the device, including the bio-identical ROS signal, which are absorbed by water and converted into coherent domains. Only these can produce additional ordered water in the cells, when supplied to the body via humidity.

Proteins are critical to all life. In fact, the name comes from the Greek word proteos, meaning “primary” or “first place”. Proteins do most of the work in the cell. They control all bio-chemical processes and operate all systems in the body. Categories used to describe proteins give you an idea of the kind of work they do: antibodies, enzymes, hormonal proteins, motor proteins, receptor proteins, structural proteins, storage proteins, and transport proteins. There are also many special purpose proteins.

At the simplest level, there are three main aspects of a functional protein:

1. DNA defines the number and sequence of
amino acids needed to create an amino acid chain.
2. Complex cellular machinery produces the specified amino acid chain, which is an unfolded protein.
3. Water with specific attributes accumulates on the surface of the amino acid chain to trigger its folding into the precise 3-D shape that determines its function.

This specific NanoVi technology targets the last step – when the protein folds into its 3D shape. This step requires that a layer of water around the amino acid chain takes on specific properties. Folding is initiated by the unique properties of the surrounding water. Eng3’s approach is to influence this water to support the protein folding process.

For the water surrounding proteins to initiate folding, it must be ‘ordered’. Also called exclusion zone or EZ water, the molecules of ordered water are more closely packed together and there are additional special attributes of ordered water that are measurable. The consistency of ordered water is often described as a gel, somewhere between solid and liquid. Because it is not solid, liquid, or gas, ordered water is also referred to as the fourth phase of water. One of the many unique properties of this water phase is that it forms in thin layers on surfaces. The formation of these layers on amino acid chains triggers their folding into proteins.

Ordered water is the end result of a thermodynamic process. It is formed on surfaces and is short lived, ordered water cannot be produced elsewhere and transported to a surface. The process of generating water with higher order involves very specific energy absorption by water. Specific energies create coherent domains (CDs) Scientists have verified that NanoVi creates coherent domains in the humid airstream that passes through excitation units of the device. When humidity with CDs contacts water, the CDs transfer through it. Because our body is mainly water, the CDs transfer through our entire body after contacting your mucous membrane.

The Protein Folding Process: Protein folding is understood as a thermodynamic process involving a change in entropy between the protein and the thin layer of ordered water surrounding it. Working proteins are created when unfolded chains of amino acids fold by changing from a state of low-order (high entropy) to a state of high-order (low entropy). Ordered or exclusion zone water has low entropy. It is highly ordered whereas the unfolded chain of amino acids has low order. A change in entropy can occur when regions of lower order (unfolded chains of amino acids) are surrounded by regions of high order (layers of ordered or exclusion zone water). When the change of entropy takes place, order in the thin layers of water surrounding the protein decreases and the protein folds into its highly ordered shape.

NanoVi is a patented technology developed to support protein folding. It produces the coherent domains that lead to the formation of exclusion zone water on contact surfaces. Ultimately, NanoVi augments the body’s ability to form ordered water on the surfaces of amino acid chains, to enables their folding into functional proteins.

Three studies support NanoVi as a protein folding therapy:

1. NanoVi technology has been shown to create coherent domains in the water droplets of humidity and in water exposed to this humidity. It does this by applying several different highly precise absorbable electromagnetic energies that create into coherent domains (CDs).

2. Published research confirms that the coherent domains of the humidity from NanoVi lead to the formation of ordered or exclusion zone water on contact surfaces within water exposed to the NanoVi-enhanced humidity.

3. Finally, NanoVi has been shown to restore protein activity after proteins were damaged/unfolded. Research confirmed that NanoVi helps recover protein function and prevents protein unfolding.

Scientific evidence verifies NanoVi technology as a protein folding therapy. It has been shown to initiate protein repair and protect proteins from damage, to ultimately support all protein activities.

Areas of application include:
• Performance, where increased protein functions are required to upgrade physical or mental ability
• Prevention, where the goal is to avoid the failure or loss of functions
• Recovery, to reclaim functions that have failed or become diminished

You can now enjoy a NanoVi Exo Pro session which is the strongest and most effective of its type taking only 15 minutes for a complete session. Other technologies that do the same thing take upwards of 60 minutes for these types of internal results. Time is precious and at Purely You Spa we completely understand that and we help to maximize your time with us. One of the best ways to enjoy this session is to also add additional therapies known as biohacks so you can truly multi-task. Here is an example, you can be getting PEMF Bemer circiulation therapy while having the NanoVi Exo Pro and also getting the Brain Entrainment Meditation. If you are curious or have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to email and list this subject: QUESTION about NANOVI. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Jennifer Alvarez Linguidi
Purely You Spa, CEO
Functional Health Coach

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