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Purely You Spa Receives Green Award from Industry Powerhouse

When: February, 2013

Purely You Spa’s team of Facial Specialists, Jenn Alvarez and Amber Stuntz, are constantly looking for ways to enhance their esthetics education and obtain the very best in natural products. To assist in reaching both goals, they recently attended a seminar in Fort Lauderdale hosted by their partner, Eminence Organic Skincare of Hungary.

Eminence events always offer innovative products and forward-thinking techniques, but this seminar delivered even more. Purely You Spa was proud to accept recognition as “Greenest Spa” in attendance.

Purely You Spa is the only Certified Organic Spa in Naples, and after this award it is important to educate on how this is achieved. It is more than offering organic products; process, procedure, and purpose all follow environmentally friendly paths as well.

Here are a few of the ways Purely You Spa takes care of the planet in addition to taking care of their clients:

The Place

-Eco-friendly paint, recycled glass fixtures, and sustainable bamboo flooring in lobby.

-Reusable plates, bowls, cups, and containers for organic treats.

-A focus on natural light with minimal power usage, dimmers, low-voltage settings, and LED efficient materials wherever possible.

-Seasonal and mindful use of air conditioning.

-Robes and extra linens provided by request only

-Dedicated Staff Meetings to discuss energy savings and resource conservation within the Spa.

-Program in planning to educate Staff on leading a greener home life.

-Carpets cleaned by organic professionals.

-Consistent involvement in charities, non-profits, and community events.

The Products & Perishables

-No chemicals of any kind; natural, non-toxic cleaning supplies.

-Natural/organic products that are purchased in bulk.

-Filtered, not bottled, water for refreshments.

-Organic teas, sustainable wines, and natural gelato from local businesses.

-Distilled water jugs recycled for steamers and water features.

-Current in-house testing with therapeutic grade essential oil recipes: disinfectants, antibacterial solutions, and cleaning products.

The Paper (What Little Of It There Is)

-Emailed receipts and recycled paper for memos, notes, and messages.

-No product brochures handed out; suggest visiting website for information.

-Owner cards printed on recycled plastic, and Specialist cards printed on recycled paper with vegetable-based inks.

-Conversion in process to paperless online system for client information.

The Plan

Purely You Spa knows that the best way to serve clients is to look towards the future, constantly striving to improve protection of natural resources. Suggestions for a green practice, product, or procedure are always encouraged.

The recent recognition from Eminence is a heart-warming highlight of efforts made to not only better the lives of clients but the environment they thrive in as well. Sustainable ways to improve the lives of others is the essence of Purely You Spa’s daily practice, and like a good yoga session, the principles of sustainability are inhaled and exhaled with serenity and certainty.

The Partner

To learn more about Eminence and their equally admirable efforts towards sustainability, sign up for Purely You Spa’s monthly e-newsletter for a highlight of their new re-forestation program in April in celebration of Earth Day.

The People

Jenn and Amber would love to share their knowledge and provide you with an unforgettable organic experience. To book a treatment, visit To speak to a Specialist in any area of escape – massage, body treatments, health and wellness, and of course, facials – call 239-331-8266 or stop by 3066 Tamiami Trail North.
Thank You Eminence!