How-To's & FAQs

Purely You Spa FAQs

When should I make my spa reservations?
To ensure you receive all the spa treatments you want, when you want, not only is advance booking suggested, but it is also highly recommended. Call directly to the spa at 239-331-8266 to reserve your appointment(s).
What is the Cancellation Policy?
When you schedule an appointment at Purely You Spa, we reserve our time exclusively for you. Therefore, we require a credit card to reserve your appointment time. A 24-hour notice of cancellation is required to avoid a 50% charge of services reserved.  No-shows will result in 100% billing equal to the total amount of services reserved.
What if I arrive late to my appointment?
Arriving late will simply limit the time for your treatment, thus lessening the effectiveness and your experience. We recommend that you arrive at least (15) fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to check in, relax, unwind, and fill out any necessary forms.   If you prefer, you may print out the forms prior to your appointment. Our scheduling is designed to permit the correct amount of time to complete your service as well as take advantage of the relaxation area.
Please help us by arriving for your appointment on time so that you may receive your full service. For late arrivals, your appointment time may be reduced to finish on time for the next scheduled client. The full value of your treatment will be applied.
What should I tell my treatment provider?
All guests receiving spa treatments have not only the right, but also the responsibility to communicate openly with their therapist or esthetician about their service during the treatment. Any special expectations, personal preferences and/or possible concerns about how a treatment is progressing should first be addressed directly with the individual who is providing the treatment during the treatment. If you have a special request to make your treatment more enjoyable such as dimmer lights, softer music, a lighter or heavier touch, an extra blanket, etc. Please do not hesitate to ask. If there are certain things you wish your therapist NOT to do such as work on your feet, your face, your abdomen, or scalp/hair, please communicate your desires.
In addition, you have the obligation to let your therapist know about any health-related conditions that could potentially cause you discomfort or harm during your treatment. This would include, but is not limited to, pregnancy, recent surgeries, diabetes, injuries, high or low blood pressure, heart conditions, shellfish or iodine allergies, and any other allergies.
What if I have some physical ailment, disability, or allergies?
Please notify the spa receptionist at the time you are making your appointments and your therapist at the beginning of your treatment. You will be informed if treatments are not recommended. We will customize products and services suited to you.
Should I avoid the spa if I am pregnant?
Your physician can best advise you on which treatments are safe, however we recommend refraining from massage therapy during the first trimester of pregnancy. We also suggest that you avoid treatments using deep pressure and heat. Please inform the receptionist when you are booking the appointment that you are Pregnant as well as how far along you are, this way we can book the appropriate treatment and trained therapist for you and ensure all products used area approved for pregnancy.
Can I choose to have a male or female therapist?
If you have a gender preference, please advise the spa receptionist at the time of making your appointment.
Should men shave before a facial?
Shaving is recommended but please be sure to do so at least two hours prior to your scheduled appointment.
Are there any rules of etiquette?
Honor the environment with silence; it is one of tranquility and relaxation. Remember that your treatment will end on time so that the next guest is not delayed. Massage is usually done nude, but you are covered with a sheet at all times in American spas. This is mandatory and our guests and therapists must always follow draping protocol. Only the part of the body being massaged is exposed. You can keep your underwear on, but it might limit the therapist’s access to muscles that could use some work. Massage therapists are trained to respect boundaries and use proper draping techniques. Male and Female guests should refrain from exposing or touching private parts of their body during treatment. Therapist at any time, have the right to refuse service and/or end a service due to, but not limited too; inappropriate touching, suggestive language, sexual proposition and/or made to feel their safety is at risk.  The use of cell phones, cameras and electronic devices are not permitted in the spa. Please mute your cellphone before entering the spa. Arrive early so you are able to receive your full treatment and have time to relaxation
How should I pay for the service(s)?
We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.  We recommend paying by cash or check for a 4% savings. All credit and debit card transaction are charged a 4% Convenience Fee on the total of the entire transaction (including service, products, gratuity, etc.).
How should I handle gratuities?
Gratuities are not included in the price of our services; although, gratuities are appreciated for excellent service. We recommend leaving cash gratuity or including this on a check, however we can add gratuity on a credit card which is also subject to the 4% Credit Card Convenience Fee.
Should I shave my legs before my massage or body treatment?
Shaving is recommended but please be sure to do so no less than four hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Certain products may irritate newly shaven skin.
How do I determine which facial to choose?
The estheticians are trained to customize each of our facial treatments for your particular skin through skin analysis. This may mean that you do not receive the facial you booked but one rather more suited to your skin type. The esthetician can also recommend which treatment will be best for you for your next appointment.