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Best Facial in Naples

Best Facial in town

Having a facial in Naples can be interesting. You can go to a hustle and bustle place where you are a number and get products splashed on your face and rinsed off OR you can come to a place that puts more attention to detail and truly cares about every person.

At Purely You Spa we schedule our treatments with adequate time where we could provide a completely individualized experience. We ask questions like have you had any suregeries recently that we should be aware of? Do you have any allergies? Are you on any medication that makes you sensitive to light therapy? What are your skin care goals? Have you ever had a facial before? What are you currently using on your skin? What type of massage pressure do you like? Do you like to be educated throughout the treatment? OR Do you prefer to relax and know what occured on your skin after your session? We also would like to know if we should avoid the hair/scalp or not so we know if we can give you an amazing scalp massage.

In general, it is best if you can come prepared to share the below with your Esthetician in order for her or him to customize the best facial for you and provide you with recommendations moving forward for you to achieve your skincare goals. Open communication helps the esthetician to tailor the facial to your specific needs and avoid any potential adverse reactions.

  1. Skin Sensitivities or Allergies: Inform the esthetician about any skin sensitivities or allergies to specific ingredients or products.
  2. Current Skincare Routine: Disclose the products you regularly use, as some ingredients may affect how your skin reacts to the facial.
  3. Skin Concerns and Goals: Share any specific skin issues you’re hoping to address, such as acne, dryness, aging, hyperpigmentation, etc.
  4. Previous Skin Reactions: If you’ve had reactions to facials or skincare products in the past, let them know.
  5. Medical Conditions: Inform them about any medical conditions that might affect your treatment, such as rosacea, eczema, or psoriasis.
  6. Medications: Certain medications, especially those that affect skin sensitivity like Accutane or topical retinoids, can impact your facial.
  7. Recent Aesthetic Procedures: If you’ve recently had any procedures like chemical peels, laser treatments, or microdermabrasion, it’s crucial to mention this.
  8. Lifestyle Factors: Lifestyle habits like smoking, your level of sun exposure, and diet can affect your skin and the treatment approach.
  9. Pregnancy or Breastfeeding: Some facial treatments and ingredients are not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  10. Comfort and Preferences: Discuss any concerns about discomfort, preferences regarding products (like organic or fragrance-free), and any relaxation techniques you prefer.

In order for you to get the most out of your time with us, we recommend bringing your homecare and make-up that you use on a daily basis to your first session.  When you schedule your appointment with us make sure to share with the Spa Concierge that you would like 15 minutes to review your AT-HOME-CARE and we will happily assist you with this at no extra cost. It is just as important to us as it is to you that we truly help you! We help people for years and this is why…because we care and because our guests that visit us trust us and we always do what is right for them.  Just to share some additional things that you can expect from us when you come to Purely You Spa.

1)  We will always be sanitary.
2) We will always go above and beyond.
3) We will always ask you your goals so that we can help you achieve them!
4) We will always write down a plan of action for you, if you are interested in taking your skin to the next level.
5) We will always ask you if the pressure is ok of your massage.
6) We will always ask you if you want to be educated during your session or if you prefer to relax during and learn later.
7) We will help you feel less stressed
8) We will customize your treatment for you based on any allergies or goals that you have shared.

You will feel like the tension in your body melt away as all our facials increase bloodflow throughout your body and also include a head, neck, scalp, arm, hand massage.
We customize all our ingredients exclusively for YOU and use primarily Eminence Organic Skincare.  We also have many advanced skin care options like Hydrafacial, DermalInfusion, Powerdermabrasion, Dermaplaning, Microneedling, LED Light Therapy, Facial Cupping, and SO much more! Give us a call to coordinate your Facial today.  239-331-8266 to talk with our Spa Concierge to get you set up!