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Adult Acne Solution at Purely You Spa in Naples, FL

Adult Acne Solution

Hormone fluctuations can be a contributing factor, but diet and lifestyle can improve your skin health dramatically. It can be difficult to combat acne as an adult. Sometimes food allergies, gut health, stress, or hormones could be triggering the challenge. It is common for ladies to love products and to think more is best, but many times when products from different families are mixed that causes skin catastrophe’s.  Over exfoliating is NOT recommended.

Just a few helpful  tips: Ensure to toss your make-up (YES, inthe TRASH if you have had it for over 6 months).  Bacteria loves to brew and cause chaos on your skin. Ensure to clean your make-up brush every time you use it. Also, washing your pillow case often will help not spread bacteria on your face from the congested area(s) to the clear area(s) making the clear area -congested.  Ensure not to touch your face throughout the day and to wash your hands OFTEN.

If you are affected with acne, there is HOPE! The first step is to recognize all the beautiful areas of your skin and to DRINK WATER! Take your weight and divide it by 2 and that is the number of ounces of water that you want to drink, daily.  It takes the body about two weeks to adjust to the extra H2O.  After two weeks if you drink water consistently you will surely be more hydrated.

Next, take a probiotic daily every night on an empty stomach.

Stay away from DAIRY…just say, “NO” to dairy! Oh, and don’t forget SUGAR…that is the devil! Sugar is very addictive and doesn’t let the blood travel freely through the body. If you can eat green leafy vegetables and organic “grass fed” protein that would be ideal.  Strive to stay away from food in a box or a bag.

It is VERY important to stay active and to move often.  If you can’t necessarily go to the gym, its OK! You can simply get a jump rope and do about 30 minutes of jump roping per day to get your blood moving and your skin more oxygenated!

Getting regular facials helps and having an esthetician that makes you feel comfortable enouth where you can share your struggles so they can help you with the solutions is the KEY.  Getting your pores cleaned out will help to not have clogged pores develop.  If you have congestion, it is recommended that you ADD LED Blue Light Therapy so that the light can penetrate deep below the layers of the skin and kill bacteria.  There are other wonderful tricks to combatting acne like adding the Hungarian Herbal Mud which is a peel that has Cinnamon and Paprika which creates an internal stimulation to open the pores and bring the blood flow to the surface of the skin which is like crossfit for your skin/face! It is awesome.  If you are clueless about what to do, don’t worry…just send me an email

Want to know what to include in your email?
(1) An up close photo of your skin (the problem area), and
(2) What your goal is,
(3) What you are currently using on your skin, and what you have done/tried.
(4) Provide 3 potential times for a 15 minute zoom session (initial consult is complimentary) and I will respond confirming one of your preferred times or provide you with some alternative times to choose from.
(5) Your “Subject” should state, “ADULT ACNE consultation HELP”

We discuss things like how to stop the spread of bacteria and what to do AT HOME and when its needed, we can assist professionally. We enjoy helping create lifestyle changes including, but not limited to dietary choices, motivation to exercise, and skin care- in general.  The goal is CLEAR and glowing skin!

Looking forward to helping you,
Jennifer Alvarez Linguidi
Functional Esthetican
Purely You Spa


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