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Purely You Spa
3066 Tamiami Trail North
Suite 302
Naples, FL 34103
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Purely You Spa
Where it's all about YOU

Lifestyle: Yoga & More!

Personal Yoga Training
Custom Yoga Training
Title: Custom Yoga Training
Personalized Yoga is a wonderful way to escape. We help you focus on your inner balance as well as strengthen your core. This session is perfectly customized for you whether you are new to the practice or at an experienced level.
Price: $95.00/(60 min)
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Meditation Relaxation
Title: Meditation Relaxation
With this hour of personal one-on-one instruction you will learn how to relax and start taking control of your inner mind. Learn how to focus on yourself and eliminate the distractions and stresses of life. Also, this experience will help you discover techniques to use at home when dealing with difficult situations.
Price: $95.00/(60 min)
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Custom Kundalini Yoga Training
Title: Custom Kundalini Yoga Training
This Custom Kundalini Yoga Training is an invigorating experience that will assist to balance the body, mind and soul by reducing nervousness and anxiety. Some added benefits include feeling more fulfilled and self aware which ultimately may boost energy along with immunity levels. It combines a dynamic blend of physical exercises, breathing techniques, stretching, mudra, mantra, meditation, and relaxation.
Price: $95.00/(60 min)
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Organic Lifestyle Planning
Organic Lifestyle Planning
Title: Organic Lifestyle Planning
At Purely You Spa, we understand that making the kinds of healthy changes in your life that result in enduring health benefits requires support over the long term. Guidance, planning, and designing a program just for you can mean the difference between good intentions and a new life of profound health and wellness. We create dynamic partnerships using an all natural approach that moves people toward satisfying and healthy lifestyles. We use both innovative and practical strategies to help people clarify what they want, explore options, enhance personal accountability, and take action for optimal health. This program is designed to give you deep insights and clarity through inquiry and personal discovery. Organic Lifestyle Planning focuses on the mind, body, and spirit and helps clients make the changes that support a healthier lifestyle. Sessions take place in person or by phone. Here are just a few of the potential benefits of Organic Lifestyle Planning: Your Organic Lifestyle Consultant works with you, the whole person, taking time to listen to your concerns and goals, asking powerful questions to help motivate and educate you to make positive changes at a pace that you can achieve. Through the nonjudgmental coaching partnership, you feel both comfortable and empowered to reach your highest level of health using honest and positive feedback. Organic Lifestyle Planning inspires change by connecting you with the unique ways in which your health supports and connects with your personal purpose and core values.You are held accountable for your commitments, and we empower you to identify lessons learned from whatever outcomes occur. We help create and sustain the mindset needed to make real and lasting lifestyle changes by heightening your personal awareness and help you get "in tune" with your body. We work in a strong partnership to identify obstacles to change and create specific strategies for forward movement "just for you." We also provide a point of contact and have a network of additional resources for helping you make healthy behavior changes with other reputable and knowledgeable professionals.

Price: $125.00/(60 min)
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